Starting Like A Pro (Almost)

Starting a blog has been an item on my mental to-do list for a long time now – it’s been there since I started high school, in all actuality – and to be completely honest, this isn’t the first time I’ve tried to check it off the list. A thirteen-year-old me once thought it a good idea to start a blog about anything and everything, ranging from the “great fun” I had at dance class to the “excellent” grade I got on a minor science exam. At fourteen, I thought it’d be cool to have a blog devoted to other people’s quotes.

It didn’t work out.

Since then, the item has sat on my to-do list gathering dust, waiting for me to take it down off that towering top shelf and turn it into something great. But there were three things that stopped me:

  1. I had no clue what my subject matter would be
  2. I never really finished anything I started
  3. It required effort – something I disliked immensely

As high school progressed, I quickly discovered that there wasn’t much time to “dislike” effort, and so number three got up and left. But I still had the seemingly unsolvable problem of the other two items on my list, and so I shoved my blog into the ‘too hard’ basket for a later time.

And it stayed there.




That was when I joined Wattpad – this great online reading and writing website (I currently spend like 99% of my life on it) – and I began writing. As in, proper novel writing. I had written things before, but they only consisted of an immature attempt at writing a humorous story for ten-year-olds and an action story for tweens – and I had never finished either. This time was going to be different, I had told myself.

And it was.

I’m currently five chapters away from finishing the book I started in late March 2013 and I’ve already completed a twenty part short story, crossing off the second item on my to-do list. And so, suddenly, my blog was out of the ‘too hard’ basket and on my desk, tempting me to solve that last pesky problem: subject matter.

It’s funny how, in the end, the thing that troubled me the most was the easiest to solve. All it took was half-an-hour on the internet and BAM, there it was, staring me in the face. It was so obvious that I almost felt stupid. I had decided to write about the one thing I could – the thing I had spent hours improving: writing.

I was going to write about writing.

I am going to write about writing,

Wish me luck!


I bet by now you’re wondering, ‘Why “Womorrow”?’ (unless you’ve already figured it out). And the answer is disappointing and embarrassingly obvious: ‘Write tOMORROW’. I know. It’s terrible. I hate myself already.